Our youngest children are in the Toddler Classrooms, which serves children 13 months old through age 3. These rooms provide nurturing settings for the youngest members of our school to experience the Montessori environment.

Sra. Elizabeth Valle is the teacher in the Toddler 1 Room and Ms. Maria Reynoso is her assistant. Mrs. Margarita Vallejo is the teacher in the Toddler 2 Room and Ms. Minerva Lizcano is her assistant. Meet our astounding toddler staff!

Sra. Elizabeth Valle earned her Early Childhood credentials from the American Montessori Society. She has worked in Montessori schools for the past 12 years and is one of the Atala owners. Elizabeth enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, and creating original sugar art sculptures. She is mother to Abigail and Rebekah, both Atala Montessori graduates who are currently in high school and college. You may contact Sra. Valle at Ms. Maria Reynoso is our Toddler 1 assistant. She is currently a student at Miami-Dade College.
Ms. Minerva Lizcano is one of our amazing toddler assistants.