Our office is the hub of communication for Atala Montessori. The website, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages, phone calls, and emails all begin with the office staff. If you have questions about any aspect of the school, please give us a call at 786-738-1210. Meet our energetic office members!

Educator, composer, and author Dr. Kristine H. Burns worked in higher education for 18 years before coming to Atala. Kristine lives in the Redland area of Homestead with her two children—Liam, an Atala graduate, and Livya, an Atala Middle School student—a horse, 3 goats, a dozen or so chickens, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a guinea pig. In addition to her administrative duties, Dr. Burns also teaches the Middle School Music Class. She actively maintains a blog devoted to musings about her life post-academia (Diary of a Recovering Academic). You may contact her at

Mrs. Amanda Troyo is a Montessori graduate and has three children at Atala—Daria, Dexter, and Alessa.

Mrs. Erin Antoni and her husband, Dr. Michael Antoni reside in Palmetto Bay. She has two fabulous grown children, Justin and Janae and is a two-year cancer survivor! She loves her Green Bay Packer football team and to travel. She will be traveling this year to experience Lisbon, Portugal and New Orleans too! Even though I have not been trained in the Montessori method, after over 15 years of working in this environment, I believe I have become a Montessorian! Spread your wings! You may contact Erin at


Mr. Fernando Vallejo is not only one of our art teachers, but he also works as part of the office staff in our maintenance area.